Designing Mobile Versions of Your Webpage

With over a quarter of adults and half of teens in the UK owning smart phones, it’s becoming imperative to design your website in a way that can be viewed on someone’s Android phones, iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device. Consumers want to access websites on-the-go, and if your site will not load on their mobile phone, they will go to a competitor for the information they seek.

How do you start designing your site’s mobile version? First, it’s important to understand the unique needs of mobile browsers. Because even the best smart phone has a much lower resolution than even a small laptop computer, you need to focus on making your site as easy to read as possible: small logos, reduced images, and small chunks of text. If you choose to display simplified content on your mobile site, you should be sure there are clear links back to the full content and the main page.

Another thing to be sure of when considering your mobile web design is the quality of your code. While most computer browsers are able to guess at what you mean even if the code isn't written perfectly, the site will usually display properly. Not so with mobile browsers. You should always be validating your code prior to publishing your site, but it’s especially important when designing a mobile site.

Because there is so much variance in the way mobile sites are displayed on the various models, your best bet is to incorporate a fluid layout code. This code tailors the site’s layout to the specific resolution of the screen it’s being viewed on, so there’s no ugly white space or awkward scrolling.

Most uk web hosting companies will be able to publish your mobile site, but some companies do specialize in mobile site hosting. The benefit of using a mobile web host is that these companies come with site builders that offer special tools for optimizing your site for smart phone viewing.

Whatever host you decide to use, you should take the time to test your site on a number of devices before launching it. Double-check your code, pay attention to load times, and always keep the functionality of the site in mind. By designing a mobile version of your webpage, you can guarantee return traffic from users who want to reference your site from anywhere, and can also reach a number of readers who would otherwise never find your site.

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