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Howdy! My name is Joe DaSilva. I’m an interactive web designer & developer. That’s fancy internet lingo for “making websites”. I’ve been doing it for quite sometime now, and have learned a few key strategies; design from the heart, design for people who want information quickly, and try to engage your audience on an emotional level. The rest of the details are easy.

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From my Blog:

Designing Mobile Versions of Your Webpage

With over a quarter of adults and half of teens in the UK owning smart phones, it’s becoming imperative to design your website in a way that can be viewed on someone’s Android phones, iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device. … Continued

Batch Processing with Adobe Fireworks

Batch processing with Fireworks has saved my butt on countless occasions. To be quite honest, I have no idea why their isn’t an equivalent feature packaged with Photoshop. With Fireworks it’s intuative, full-featured, and fast. Lets get started! Unlike most … Continued

Easy Glossy Buttons with Fireworks

Just a few short years ago the gloss, or shiny look took the world of web interface design by storm. From a visual design perspective it became synonymous with web 2.0 – the modern crème de la crème of internet … Continued

Reader Mail!

Time for reader mail! I’m quite a bit backlogged, so I apologize on how long it took to post this. Most all questions I try to respond too via email right away though. Keep them coming! As to why there … Continued